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the mountains of alaska. the nfl lock out is over, find out when the 49ers are going to be reporting to santa clara. good morning, thank you for joining us it's tuesday, july 26th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check in with steve. >> 60s, 70s, there'll still be more fog at the coast. i don't think it'll be as windy as yesterday. now here's an update on the traffic with sal. >> things are moving pretty nicely at the coliseum. it's moving along well all the way to downtown oakland. and the traffic looks gook on
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the san mateo bridge. the man hunt continues for someone who opened fire on an officer. jade hernandez is live where the search is focused. >> reporter: we're right at the gate to moraga park. police are going to be looking for suspects of a shooting and for evidence of a possible marijuana grow operation. last night around 6:30, an east bay regional parks police officer on foot found himself under fire near upper san leandro. the officer returned fire, the officer could not tell if he hit anyone but he took cover. the search for suspects continued until around 10:00
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last night within the park. a helicopter in the sky and officers from five different law enforcement agencies including the contra costa sheriff's office and the sheriff's patrol could not find anyone. authorities says it appears the officer may have come upon an illegal drug grow in the area. >> we have a h history at this area in years past -- we have a history in this area in years past. we actually have pictures a couple of years ago when we have armed guards on a grow operation. >> reporter: the search for evidence and suspects was called off last night because of visibility problems. we checked in with the regional parks this morning, it looks like it'll be a few more hours before we see authorities back out here. jade hernandez. anti drug agents are now
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conducting raids. the goal is to rid the mendecino forests. so far drug agents have made 70 arrests and seized 600 plants. a welcome home for victor martin. he was attacked by a grizzly bear in alaska and lived to talk about it. >> yes. >> oh my god. >> reporter: ktvu news was right there as martin was surrounded by his family and friends welcoming him home. the grizzly attack happened on wednesday night. the group he was hiking with came face to face with a mother grizzly bear and her cub and martin was right in front of the group. >> i kicked him dead up in his face. down, kicked him. he was done after that, k.o.,
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you don't mess with me. the grizzly bear bit martin on his ankle. two other people were also attacked, they're still in the hospital in alaska. martin says the hardest part of his scare was waiting eight hours for help to arrive. also a 600-pound bear that wandered into a grocery store was shot. the bear walked right up to people who were sitting outdoors at a cafe. a wildlife crew captured and killed the bear. this was the third time that particular bear had to be captured by wildlife officials. people are back home after a fire. it started at 1:15. the fire started on the roof
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and quickly spread to the penthouse. the exact cause of the fire has not been determined. some of the apartments sustained minor water damage. no injuries were reported. a woman was found in north beach, officers say the woman was walking home just before 10:00 last night at francisco street in the north neighborhood. she heard a series of gunshots then realized she was hit in the back. the woman who is in her 40s went to san francisco general hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. san francisco police are calling the death of a man last night suspicious. officers went to a home on prospect avenue in the vernal heights neighborhood. the medical examiner went to the scene. they examined the area before taking away the body a few hours later. time now 5:05. joseph naso will find out today
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if he will be allowed legal help. now, he's asking for advisory council to be paid for by the public. the judge was expected to make a decision on that at 9:00 this morning. well, it is now seven days and counting to the deadline to raise the u.s. debt limit and the stand off in washington continues. coming up at 5:15, we're going to have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom with president obama's televised last ditch effort pleading for compromise and the republican response. time now, 5:04. bay area football fans can smile again because the wait is over. the raiders and 49ers will return as early as today. ktvu's kraig debro is live with the details. >> reporter: this isn't a season that either team would have chosen to have a lock out.
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both teams the raiders and 4- 9ders have new head -- 49ers and raiders have new coaches. by all account, the coaches and players could not wait to get started. >> you're talking about signing undrafted players, college free agents, our own drafted players, unrestricted free agents. >> reporter: the player union's president met the president yesterday to put on as they were old friends. the 136 day owners lock out created a line of friction between the two sides. the 49ers players organized their own work out at san jose state but didn't get paid. not many people are even discussing the new details of the cba or collective bargain agreement. most players are talking about
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getting back to work. >> first order of business is you know start seeing our players. getting knee to knee and eyeball to eyeball with them. that's the thing i'm most excited about. >> reporter: raiders may have a problem getting back to their training camp. they must get all their equipment so they won't have to go any where. the raiders say they can't even guarantee hotel rooms in napa where they hold their training camp. because napa is not only where the raiders hold their training camp but a world famous destination for tourists. we're going to have more on the 49ers start here. we expect the players be arrive at 8:00 in the morning. time now 4:08, time to check in with the commute. >> we're off to a nice start all over the bay area. we do have one thing to talk about and that would be southbound 101, they're clearing up an accident. not causing a huge back up in
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the area but i thought you might want to know it's there. they moved it of the of the lane so it's not an issue to anyone only to the person the ár involved. let's look at the eastshore freeway. nothing major there. at 5:08 let's go to steve. >> good morning, yes, yes, we do have less coverage. sunshine for all of us sooner today. you, me, pam, everybody. the pattern is stuck. it's amazing how it's just everything is in the middle of country. they'll be warmer temperatures, but ten days takes us out to about august 4. not changing, just subtle changes day-to-day. there's no ramp up or cool down everything is stuck.
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west wind at sfo. i know 17 is pretty good. yesterday it was 35 miles per hour, it's cut in half today. the fog product, i usually don't show this. because computer generated i don't often agree with it. but i'm in sync with it. it won't be hugging the cost, there'll be pockets as usual. but it starts to come back tonight, no big change. tomorrow morning looks almost like it does right now. so again the pattern looks to be in a holding pattern. 52 santa rosa. the moisture continues to come around. that is working into the four corners. cool pattern, pacific northwest. they hang out for a couple of day, then it ejects out. inland temps are struggling to
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get in. there'll be some gradual warming. then everything is stuck. so morning fog, but nothing compared to yesterday. lots of sunshine, mild to warm to a little bit warm. the breeze isn't going any where although it'll be less today than yesterday. some low mid-80s for some. 70s for others. creeping out there for antioch and oakley and brentwood. temperatures getting close to 90. maybe by tomorrow we'll see that or into thursday. night and morning fog takes us into the weekend. temperatures upper 80s, 60s, 70s by the beaches. 5:11 is the time. pg & e is planning to close five high polluting power plants in contra costa county. now all of the plants operate by something that's usually found at the bottom of the crude oil barrel that cannot be refined through a normal process. pge says closing the plant
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would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 600,000-tons a year. victims of the recession. palo alto has a problem to solve that many other cities wish they were dealing with. good morning traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on the sunol bridge. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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well good morning to you, welcome back, time now 5:14. in one week united states hits its debt limit. as alison burns reports, president oe obama and the speaker of the house, they are still in a war of words. >> reporter: this august 2nd deadline is fast approaching and the two sides are still bitterly divided about how to deal with it. president obama outlined the consequences of default in a prime time news conference. emphasizing the u.s. could lose its triple a credit rating. >> interest rates would skyrocket on credit cards, on mortgages and on car loans which amounts to a huge tax hike on the american people. we would risk sparking a deep economic crisis. >> reporter: afterward house speaker john boehner pointed the finger at president obama and the speaker is sticking to the party line of no new taxes
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on any deal. >> the president has often said we need a balanced approach which in washington means we spend more and you pay more. >> reporter: part of the gridlock is that some conservatives are still against raising the debt ceiling at all without a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. more on house speaker john boehner's struggle to unify his party around a plan on my next update in the next hour. a new report says most americans are also feeling a lot of stress about their own personal debt. and associated press poll shows 20% of the american people worry about their debt all or most of the time. 29% stress about it some of the time. 46% say debt is hardly ever or not at all.
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the remainder 5% say they are debt free. the wealth gap between whites and minorities have jumped to the widest level in a quarter century. whites have 20 times the network of african americans and 18 times that of latinos. analysts blame plunging home prices and high unemployment which is especially bad in blue collar areas. and palo alto has $40 million that they have to figure out what to do with. they're getting the money from stanford university. >> use the money smart. and we want to be able to leverage it and perhaps multiply the impact of the
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contribution. >> the city is asking for suggestions from residents. stanford's first payment of almost $17 million, that'll come later this year. the minloe park city council will consider a proposal to freeze the salaries of the cities police officers for two years. the union representing menlo park also agreed to other concessions to help the city with its budget deficit. the officers work schedule will be reduced by 100 hours per year. that's equivalent to a 4.8% pay cut. officers will also contribute 3% more toward their pension funds. time now 5:18, a conservative group connected to carl robe are releasing a new ad campaign starting today. it's targeting five democratic senators up for reelection in 2012. the group is called cross roads gps. they're running ads that focus
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on bill nelson of florida, claire mccaskill of missouri, jon tester of montana, ben nelson of nebraska, and sherrod brown of ohio. congressman david wu is confirming that he will not seek reelection next year. this comes as a house ethics committee launches an investigation into an encounter with a teenage girl. there's a report that he left a voice mail at his office accusing him of the unwanted advances. time now 5:19. let's go to sal. he's watching everything including the golden gate bridge. >> we're going to start there because there's a little bit of mist and fog on the bridge there. southbound 101 traffic moves very nicely if you're coming
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througsouthern marin you shouldn't have any problem. morning commute is going to be okay as well, if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza or to the san mateo bridge toll plaza. both of them are pretty good. then off you go on the san mateo bridge if you're driving to the peninsula. looks pretty good, we're off to a nice start. if you happen to be driving into the south bay any time soon we do have a pretty nice commute there, let's go to steve. >> thank you, much sal. and some fog. nothing like yesterday when it was all the way out to the sacramento valley. kind of interesting to see the tropical clouds coming around firing off thunderstorms off toward eastern nevada. some of that later this week will make it up to the sierra. you have a couple day notice on that. for us the late clouds and fog are still there. but not making the push inland so it'll burn off sooner. sunshine for everybody sooner
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as well. we are not losing the sea breeze yet. 52 to 59. a lot of mid-50s, upper 50s but temperatures about what they should be around this time of year. inland areas, sacramento, san joaquin valley will warm up some. but i don't see anything in the way of warm temperatures. we stay cool, or cooler. it's kind of mild. i was spoking to someone yesterday who said anything over 65 is too hot. you might want to move to pacifica. mild to warm, the breeze isn't going any where. that's still with us and it's a west wind but i think it's about cut in half compared to
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yesterday. 60s, 70s coast in bay. upper 80s, getting close. 88 up toward clear lake. we're getting there. low clouds and fog will be with us. slightly warmer inland testifies but i don't think they'll go much higher than upper 80s and low 90s -- slightly warmer inland but i don't think they'll go much higher than that. and the asian markets are opening with gains. checking in on our numbers, it looks like drops. you can see the dow down, s & p500 lost ground yesterday. but there's some mix news on
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ford and netflix reported a profit. that looks pretty good and could help that stock today. several federal taxes on airline fares decreased yesterday. temporarily cutting the cost of tickets. but most airlines are charging the same amount and pocketing the difference. u.s. airways and american were the first to raise their prices but they were quickly joined by united, continental, delta, southwest, air tran and jet blue. >> all of them. >> they didn't pass those savings on to us? >> not yet. he's the most powerful politician in california, but he's still has to follow orders. why governor jerry brown may be coming here to the bay area for a court date.
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welcome back to the morning news, it's now 5:26 and governor jerry brown has been called to jury duty in alameda county. the governor received the normal instructions to call tonight and tomorrow night to see if he has to show up in person the next day. brown served on a jury during his last term as governor 30 years ago in 1981 when he actually served as foreman of a jury that acquitted a man of malicious mischief. the giants go back to playing baseball tonight after an unforgettable day at the white house. >> congratulations to the giants on winning your first
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world series title in 56 years. >> now that's a big applause. president obama hosted and toasted the 2010 world champions, the giants. during this special ceremony at the house, the president couldn't resist. he poked some fun at some of the stranger characters on the team. he even saw some similarities between himself and tim lincecum. >> america learns sometimes it's a good idea to bet on the skinny guy. then there's the guy with the beard, i do fear it. >> so you see they had fun. the president also praised the entire giants organization for their commitment to the community and their many local charity organizations. the two new suspects in the bryan stow case remain behind bars awaiting their next court appearance. but we are now hearing from the mother of two of those men. the family of the man killed in a shoot out with san
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francisco police say they are being lied to. the action they're taking. thousands of postofficers across the country are now under the microscope. why the postal service is thinking about looking at one out of every ten of their branches.
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well good morning to you,
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welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news, now it's tuesday july 26. i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us, 5:30 is the time. i've definitely seen this twitted, people are mixed on the weather. it's a good summer, it's a bad summer. >> some people like the cooler weather. this is a summer where it hasn't been that warm. 67 for many, the fog coverage is about what it was. same with the sea breeze. we'll see sunshine sooner today. temperatures inland are coming up. a few trying to push the upper 80s, here's sal. >> traffic is starting to push through. the computer looks good on the golden gate bridge, steve is right the fog is not nearly as bad as it was yesterday. let's go back to the desk. for the first time we are hearing from the mother of one of the defendants in the bryan
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stow beating case. 30-year-old marvin norwood and louie sanchez are behind bars being held on a half million dollars bail. they are set to be arranged on assault and murder charges. they are accused of knocking bryan stow to the grown, then beating and kicking him before they fled the scene. bryan stow suffered a traumatic brain injury during that attack on may 21st. norwood's mother says she visited her son in jail over the weekend. she did not say what they talked about but she tearfully insisted he is innocent. >> because of the compassion that he has, i feel it from him when he's around and he makes me feel better. >> ktvu news obtained the court document accusing louie sanchez throwing an object at a woman wearing a giant shirt on the same night.
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fans in the same section as norwood and sanchez reported them to the authorities for acting and i'm quoting now, belligerent aggressive jerks. bryan stow is still at san francisco general hospital. his family says he's been opening his closing his eyes and even mouthed his last name recently. a judge barred any cameras from in the courtroom yesterday, but audio was allowed. the family of kenneth harding, the man who died during a gun battle with san francisco police say they doubt the story they are being told. yesterday the family and their attorney held a press conference at the offices of oakland civil rights attorney john burress. harding died while police were chasing them in the bay view. at first police said he died
5:34 am
during a gun battle. now they say he likely shot himself. >> based upon the police department shifting stories, conflicting statements, allegations and claims and retractions that the truth seems to be far from at hand. >> reporter: now the family says they want the truth about what happened and their attorney wants to review the evidence. harding was out on parol when the shooting happened and a person of interest in a homicide in seattle. time now 54:00, today 5:34, today the postoffice service will release a list of postoffices that may be closed. >> reporter: the postal service is supposed to announce today that it's going to study 3,600 postal offices for closure. the threat of postoffice
5:35 am
closure is a topic that communities have been dealing with. this one on berkeley, there's a sign on the door letting customers know it's no longer in operation. it shut down in april. if we zoom in it looks pretty empty. it's just an empty counter top here. all of this is going on because the postal service faces some big financial pressure. the agency says it lost $8 billion last year. and there are a number of issues contributing to the problem. first of all because of the recession there's been a decline in mail. the postal service says it is also looking at some alternatives. they say if they shut down a retail office, they will open village postoffices. that means postoffice desks
5:36 am
inside of bay area town offices. we reached out to spokesperson from the postal service in washington, we're waiting to hear back from them and get more detailed information from that. live in berkeley, allie rasmus. time now 5:35, oakland international airport has stopped building the air traffic control tower. the airport broke grown on this project last october. but because of the continuing federal debt ceiling debate, congress missed a deadline to reauthorize funding to the faa and faa projects. improvements to airports in new york, las vegas, palm springs they were also halted yesterday. the city of oakland planned to finish that tower in 2013. now that the nfl lock out is over, it's back to business for the oakland raiders and the
5:37 am
49ers. ktvu's kraig debro live at niner headquarters. they're about to see players come back in about 90 minutes from now. >> reporter: players can start coming back voluntarily starting today at 7:00. not a good year for the stations both having new coaches. i just spoke to people inside and they said that everybody starts showing up an hour earlier. by all accounts the players and the coaches can't wait to get started. >> i mean the next week is going to entail a lot of things you're talking about practice starting, you're talking about signing undrafted players, college free agents, our own
5:38 am
drafted players, unrestricted free agents. >> reporter: a lot has to get done even though the lock out is, there's players that still can't come here. teams can sign undrafted free agents and draft picks starting today. they can start talking with veteran free agents but can't sign free agents until they practice. not many people are even discussing the final details of the new cbs or collective bargaining agreement. almost all the players are talking about getting back to work. >> it's a relief, now we can go, now we can move forward, now we can get to work. >> reporter: now 49ers may have a problem starting their training camp. the raiders may have a problem starting their training camp because they have to get all their equipment up to napa. the raiders not only have their equipment here but this is where they practice so they don't have to go any where.
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now they have to compete with tourists for hotel rooms. players are facing some logistical problems as well. reporting live in santa clara, kraig debro. california voters may be asked one more time whether marijuana should be legalized. it would tax sales of marijuana. supporters need to collect more than 500,000 signatures, voters rejected a similar bill last november. california will help send some undocumented imgrants to college. governor brown signed the california dream act into law at los angeles city college yesterday. it allows private organizations to provide financial aid to students who entered this country illegally. brown added that he is inclined to support a future measure
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that would allow those students to receive public funds. all right, our time is 5:39. sal you ready to talk traffic? you have everything under control. >> so far, we're doing very well on bay area roads. let's talk about some things that we've outlined for you. south bay commute, looks pretty good. if you're driving to the peninsula, we are doing very well on southbound to northbound 101. across the bay on interstate 880, the traffic is actually going to be doing pretty well here in front of the oakland. and no problems by the way, not only in oakland but most of alameda and contra costa county. for example if you drive on highway 4, 680 or 24 so far so good for you this morning. let's move along and take a look at the san mateo bridge. this bridge looks good and so does the dun barton. if you're driving across any bay area bridge you're off to a good start. >> take a look at average temperatures for this time of
5:41 am
year and the forecasted highs. fairfield 89 degrees is where you should be. today we're going 85, yesterday 83. san rafael should be 81 today we're going 78. it's a test so you can't see it here. 65 forecasted high today, 65. so the coast has been actually running near average, it's the inland temps which continue to struggle. they're trying to push a boulder up the hill there. they can't seem to get above average on the temps. maybe thursday and friday they'll be above average slightly. but i don't see too much of a change there. this is another summer where it's pretty even on the temps. west southwest at vacaville, if vacaville is getting a sea breeze they're still going to struggle to get into the upper
5:42 am
80s. it's all in place the sea breeze. 50s, temps all mid-a few upper. san jose state meteorology department is at 53. low pressure continues to just kind of hang out on the west coast. once it drops in we cool off a little bit. then it ejects out and that allows temperatures to cool off. everything is in the middle of country if you know. everything drifts out, inland highs are getting in a few degrees each day. upper 80s and low 90s and just leave it there. the seven and 10 day outlook shows continuation of cooler temps. temperatures in the upper 80s for some. petaluma 80. 76 vallejo, 87 antioch. 83 in the creek.
5:43 am
70 in oakland, 83 pleasanton. berkeley 68, alameda 67. some upper 80s, san jose 78. 76 in fremont. 80 woodside. pretty close by the coast, a little below inland and in fact, i see inland temps coming down but just upper 80s and low 90s as we go into the weekend. conservative talk show host glen beck is under fire. what he said about the summer camp in norway where dozens of young people were gunned down. plus a 17-year-old was killed in pacifica while riding his bike. why experts say one thing might have saved his life. >> traffic getting busy, contra costa county. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done.
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what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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good morning, low clouds but nothing compared to yesterday. so sunshine shows up earlier today, that means temperatures 60s, 70s, 80s. all right steve, welcome back. good morning to you. here is a look at some of the top stories we're covering for you. a policeman hunt will resume this morning in the east bay hills. they are looking for at least two gunman who fired shots at a regional park police officer at the rancho laguna park in moraga. that officer was not hit. authorities believe the gunmen were trying to protect a marijuana grow site.
5:47 am
and now that the nfl lock out is over, raiders and 49er players will return as soon as this morning. while both training camps for the teams don't officially open until tomorrow and thursday, some of the players voluntarily plan to show up. the lock out lasted four months. norway justice minister says employees from his department are still missing after a bomb attack in oslow. anders breivik seen here leaving court yesterday has confessed. there is still people miss at both scenes. conservative talk show host tom beck is now under fire for comments he made about that labor party summer camp in norway where dozens of young people were killed. beck compared the camp to the hitler youth organization of natzy germany.
5:48 am
camps can be found here in the united states, a group funded by beck are meeting in kentucky and colorado. time now is 4:37, officials are warning kids on bicycles wear helmets after a 15-year- old boy on his bike was killed while riding his bike. yesterday friends and family gathered to remember cosley. he was not wearing a helmet and suffered a massive head injury. he died the next day at the hospital. >> i know that having a helmet may have either lessened the injuries or maybe even saved his life. >> reporter: now police call this a tragic accident, they say the driver of the mini van will not be charged. they're saying parents and kids need to remember, it is under the law for anyone to ride a bike without a helmet. one pacifica bike shop owner says he offered a variety of
5:49 am
styles of helmets he hopes kids will find one that they think is cool enough to wear all the time. >> that's good. all right 5:48 is the time right now. back over to sal. any problem spots in the commute sal? >> we're still doing pretty well, pam and dave. i'm happy to say we're starting out pretty nicely this time of the morning we usually start seeing more slower traffic. if you look at highway 4 the sensors are turning red now coming up through antioch. for the rest of the area, concord and walnut creek they look pretty good. on the east freeway it's looking pretty good. fremont traffic off to a good start. this morning we are looking at some live pictures for you, mcarthur, marcier and oakland where these freeways come together. the traffic is busy but it's not stop and go yet. this morning's commute is also going to be okay in the south bay. 5:49 let's go to steve.
5:50 am
>> okay sal thank you very much. pam and i were discussing this, how some people love this summer, some don't like it. if you like the heat, if you like the warmer weather. go east of tahoe because it's not happening here. five, seven, 10 day outlook, morning fog and nothing like we had yesterday. sunny, breezy but a little warmer. tomorrow about the same. mainly inland temps running slightly cooler. another system moves into the pacific northwest. nothing like we had yesterday when the fog made it to the sacramento valley. that's a sure sign that it's maxed itself out. still a west wind, so with that in mind we've had a little breezy condition at times. low 50s for some, mid-50s for
5:51 am
others. high pressure continues to just want to hang out in the middle of the country. then it came back to the middle of country and if anything, the western edge of it will slide closer toward us. but that's not a screaming message for us. morning fog gives earlier today, sunny, mild to warm. temperatures 80s for many to upper 80s. clear lake getting close to 90 degrees. 84 concord, walnut creek, lafayette and danville, san ramon, pleasanton all around 83, 84. and 87 san jose, mid-upper 80s, saratoga, los gatos. 78 redwood city, 60s on the coast. five day does have a little bit warmer inland temps but really i don't think the coast is going any where in way of temps. keep an eye on netflix
5:52 am
stock today. the los gatos movie company reports higher than expected earnings. it is up 57% from the same time last year. and revenue climbed 52%. but netflix expects subscriber grow to slow and predicts it's going to lose some of its members after it announced an increase. users in canada and latin america will be able to use netflix on facebook. privacy laws in the u.s. make it impossible to have the service here. the next time you apply for a job don't be surprised if you have to agree to a social media background check. the federal trade commission has decided that companies that look into how you spend your personal time and what your
5:53 am
hobbies are if you make them public are not violating your publicly. that allows employers to look into your facebook, my space and twitter as part of your application. whales are trapped, how they can be rescued and will it be on time?
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welcome back to the morning news, it's now 5:55 and arnold schwarzenegger is twitting good news about his 13-year-old son christopher. he was injured in a body boarding accident. he suffered a collapsed lung and several broken bones. yesterday the former governor said quote he's doing much better and we'll have him back at full speed soon. he also thanked people for their support and prayers. time now 5:56, marine biologists worry this morning about two gray whales that are stranded 6 miles in the ocean. the mother whale and calf have been stranded almost a month now. look at these picture, look toward the middle of your screen. the mother looks like she hasn't been eating and the little calf, little, well it may have headed back out to see by itself.
5:57 am
they say the mother whale could be sick and the baby whale, well may not be able to survive on its own. >> today a private funeral will be held for singer amy winehouse. a spokesman for the family says the time and location of the funeral will not be made public. yesterday an autopsy was done but did not determine any cause of death. they are waiting for toxicology reports to come back in the next few weeks. michael jackson's family has announced a tribute concert to the late singer, that will be held later this year in whales. jackson's mother and siblings latoya, marlin, tito and latoya say the concert will be announced later this year. how is 280 doing? >> it's doing pred well. two -- doing pretty well.
5:58 am
if you're going to the toll plaza it has been very light so far. lets go back to dave and pam. >> well, he's alive and back in the bay area describing a grizzly bear attack in alaska. the emotional return home of a young richmond man who came face to face. wait till you hear what he had to say. who fired the shots, the search for whoever opened fire at east bay regional park police. good morning, some fog but nothing paired to yesterday. that means temperatures are warming up, right, right? we'll have the answer coming up. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.

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